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Friday, March 26, 2010

supa-stylish hoodies

With winter behind us and spring nibbling at our flip-flopped toes, I have to admit...I'm sad to bid farewell to my sweaters, scarves and big coats until the leaves start to change color. Thankfully hoodies have a place in my closet year round.

Whether you have a late night event when it's a tad chilly or just need another layer of clothing, there's something to be said about hoodies...they keep you warm, protect you from the rain (for short periods of time depending on the downpour), bring comfort and are the perfect companion to a movie if said date stands you up and you need something to keep you warm in those chilly summer theaters ;-) Your style might even have cute ears, pretty patterns or maybe even bedazzled. My favorite hoodie of all time is my dark pink sparkle glitterati hoodie that can make me feel pretty on the worst day. I hope you enjoy this collection which features a little something for everyone. Happy Spring everyone!

underwater kate - hoodie design by NYILLUSTRATION

KERN (perfect for graphic designers) - hoodie design by VEER

 perfect for your four legged friend - dog hoodie by the pet boutique
  mohawk design without the haircut - hoodie design by Rock & Rattle

   detailed flower design - mens hoodie by Ahpeele

   koi and flowers - ladies hoodie by Ahpeele


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