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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tangible tuesday :: poster design

There are so many talented Graphic Designers out in the world creating innovating design every day. Some of my favorite pieces to create are posters. Either colorful, complex or simple and black and white, posters have a wide range of style when it comes to a designer's approach. Today's post is a sweet little collection to decorate your home or office walls. Enjoy!

 Elements of Design - Poster by Ancient Wisdom Productions - link
 My Mom - Poster by Matthew B. - link

 Ingredients - Poster by WTamplin - link

 Masking Your Ideas - Poster by Guage Batubara - link

 Idea - Poster by Dea Pea Jay - link
 Graphic Design Is... - Poster by My Way Home - link
 Graphic Design Is... - Poster by Gravity Machine - link
 And Much More... - Poster by Fernando Maclen - link
 Target - Poster by Present Day - link
 Target - Poster by Dea Pea Jay - link


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