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Monday, May 10, 2010

raw talent :: painter josh keyes

Happy Monday all! Today's post is a combination of nature versus city life. I've been a huge lover of animals as far back as I can remember. Always stopping for turtles crossing the street, saving every fallen baby bird and yes, adopting all of the animals I have ever had from local shelters. Even on my way into the city, brings me face to face with deer on occasion since their territory is shrinking with development spreading out into the forests.
When I came across Denver, Colorado painter Josh Keyes' work I was really taken aback. His surrealism style makes you sit up and take notice of wildlife combined with city life. I love how he forces us to look at the possibility of mankind no longer being in the picture and wildlife reclaiming the city. Keyes' imagery of flooded streets and sharks swimming by your local park statue makes you realize we are definitely not in control of our surroundings anymore and nature has definitely taken over. But these aren't ordinary animals...orcas cutting through grass and elk setting fire to cars makes you wonder what world is this. All together his works are quite lovely and make you wonder how your morning commute would be changed if a Great White was in your passing lane.

Sprout II, 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009
Entangle II, 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009 
"Drifting", 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009
Sleepwalk II, acrylic on panel, 18"x24", 2008

"Scorch II", 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009

"The Call II", 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009

Roar I, 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2009
"Frenzy", 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2009
Totem II, (Raven Steals the Light), 24"x18", acrylic on panel, 2008
Thunder, acrylic on canvas, 40"x30", 2008
Dawn IV, 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2008

Tic Toc, 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2007
"Entangle III", 18"x24", acrylic on panel, 2009
Totem IV, 40"x30", acrylic on canvas, 2008
Sowing, 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009 
To see more of Keyes' work please visit his website here and his facebook fan page here.


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