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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

local talent showcase :: Art to Wear

If you are looking for something to do tonight that will get you out AND support local artists... check out Art to Wear. This super fabulous juried fashion show is a collaboration between NC State's College of Textiles and College of Design students showcasing their best creations. This is a sweet event that started out with only a hundred spectators but has expanded to thousands attending each year. The show starts tonight at 7:30 at Reynolds Coliseum on NC State’s Campus. Hope to see you there!

Design by VANSANA NOLINTHA :: Image by ncsuarttowear

Design by CHASE KENNEDY :: Image by ncsuarttowear
Design by VERONICA TIBBITS :: Image by ncsuarttowear

Here is a list of the 2010 designers burning up the runway tonight:
Laura Maruzzella • Keely Cansler • Hannah Goff
Eleanor Hoffman • Kendal Leonard • Gennie Catastrophe
Chase Kennedy • Jeremy Medlin • Natalie Bunch
Margaret Jamison • Lauren Boynton • Kirk Smith

For more information please visit the following link here.


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