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Friday, April 9, 2010

follow friday :: jewelry by white owl

If you are a lover of jewelry that stands apart from the crowd, then you will fall in LOVE with White Owl. Christina Spivak and Courtney Spivak are the two sisters behind this beautiful collection made up of new and recycled/repurposed materials.

The sisters behind White Owl :: Christina & Courtney Spivak

I love their vintage necklaces, lace earrings and their romantic color palette making each piece perfect to wear with ANYTHING! Pretty much I love every piece they have designed! Every design they create is feminine, delicate and perfect to give or receive. I got the chance to interview these talented ladies about their company and craft and here is what they had to say.

teatime in the garden - lace necklace by White Owl

When and how did you first become interested in jewelry?
We have always made jewelry for ourselves. I don’t really recall when we started, exactly.

tristan - lace earrings by White Owl

How long have you been designing jewelry?
We both have experimented with jewelry making for years, but only recently started selling our creations.

 fleur de lis - structured necklace by White Owl

What is your favorite piece in your collection?
 Christina: My favorite piece right now is the Muse lace necklace- Although it’s made of lace,  I think it’s simplicity and the grey color really give it a modern edge.

Courtney: I love all our pieces, but my  current favorites are the tulle, ribbon and chain necklaces I have been working on, like the Gabrielle Bonheur- I also really love the muse lace necklace!
 isabelle - lace earrings by White Owl

Favorite time of day to create?
 Courtney:  Anytime! But because I have a day job, usually I work at night!

Christina: I’m totally a night owl, so I  do much of my designing at night, but I do love to set up a table in the garden on really pretty days.

 lucia - lace garden necklace by White Owl

What is a typical day like for you both?
 Courtney: Get up, grab some coffee, go teach a few classes (I teach film studies and audio production at a local college), come home and visit with friends & make jewelry.

Christina: Coffee and a trip to the Post office, then  a trip to the flea market or resale shop,  a little socializing, and then it’s back home to dye lace, make jewelry and take pictures.

astrid - lace earrings by White Owl

What's your biggest accomplishment so far?
Courtney: Hmm…maybe my master’s degree?

Christina:  When my documentary won Best in Show at The Moving Media Film Festival. I was so happy!

dahlia - lace necklace by White Owl

You absolutely cannot go without....
Courtney: Good accessories! The size of my purse, jewelry and shoe collection is alarming!

Christina: I am big on accessories too, but especially earrings!

 calliope - lace necklace by White Owl

Where are some places you are scheduled to travel to this year?
Courtney: I just got back from Manhattan, and next I’m headed to Cannes, France for the film fest! I am also planning a visit to Atlanta, Georgia to visit our brother!

Christina: I’m going to Cannes too, and  thinking of a trip to Quebec in late summer.

  tatiana - lace necklace by White Owl

Who or what inspires you?
We are  inspired by so many things- vintage finds, street fashion and old films, to name a few!

   madeleine - ribbon and tulle necklace by White Owl

What is your favorite material to use in your designs?
Courtney: Right now I am crazy about tulle!

Christina: I  love  use  all different materials, but I am always drawn to old lace and vintage finds.

clementine earrings -  by White Owl

What is your favorite type of cake or cupcake?
Courtney: Chocolate cupcake, for sure!
Christina: I’m not sure if it counts, but I love brownies. We spent weeks one year perfecting our ultimate decadent brownie recipe and  it beat any cake I’ve ever had!

victoria - lace necklace by White Owl

Coffee or tea?
Courtney: Coffee! I am addicted, most mornings I can’t cope without it!

Christina: I love both, but coffee is what keeps me going !

marie antoinette - earrings by White Owl
Thanks Christina and Courtney! 

To see more of White Owl, please visit their etsy shop here or become a facebook fan here.


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