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Monday, March 15, 2010

buckle up :: handmade accessories by Vintage In Retrospect

Looking for something to give to your man this St. Patty's Day (other than a green beer)...well look no further! Amanda with Vintage In Retrospect creates unique one of a kind belt buckles made out of vintage license plates. I absolutely LOVE the ones combining retro colors with typography. Such an awesome concept and well executed design!


Irish Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect

42 Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect
Here is what she had to say about her designs: "I'm twenty-seven, and married to a great man who takes over the house chores when I have lots of buckles to make. Making these buckles is pretty dangerous at every step, with fumes and cutting by hand, but this just makes the whole experience thrilling and challenging."

Michigan State Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect

Irish Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect
"My favorite step is finding the license plates. We drove across country last year, so I was able to visit some junkyards, flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, and sometimes dumpsters along the way. Finding the plates was the best part of the trip for me."

Irish Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect

Cassette Tape Belt Buckle by Vintage In Retrospect

To see more of her handmade wares, please visit her etsy shop here or show her some love on her facebook fan page here


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